Error Codes

The API can return the following types of errors:

Standard SOA fault's, indicates that the request cannot be attended by technical problems, as unavailability of some technical resource (example: database):

Code Description
400 The request has parameter(s) invalid(s).
401 The access token was not informed or do not have access APIs.
404 The appeal stated in the request was not found.
413 The request is exceeding the limit allowed for the profile of your access token.
422 The request has business mistakes.
429 The consumer burst limit requests for time.
500 Unexpected error, something is broken in the API.
Business error indicates a treated error situation, such as mandatory parameters not filled.
Code Description
422001 Mandatory parameters are not filled in the input.
422002 Interface requested is not available for use.
409002 Duplicated customer - already exist's a customer with the same data.