To show an example of how to use our APIs, we use the tool SoapUI. Looking to be agonistic of platform or programming language.

You can download the SOAPUi in the following link: .

After registering on the portal, created your APP and get the access token and client id, you will be ready to test yours APIs in the Sandbox environment.

1 – Install the SOAPUi in your machine;

2 – Download the sample project available in the following link:

3 – Start the SOAPUi and open the sample project. This project already have a sample of call to get the customer information:

4 – Before you call the service, you need fill the client id and access key in the HTTP header:

5 – Select the SandBox EndPoint and click in the Submit button. The SOAPUi will call the API.

Note: This API in the Sandbox environment will accept only the following CPFs: