Before running your application in a Production environment, it is important that you can test its functionality to ensure that it will work without errors.
To help in your testing, we provided a Sandbox Environment, made especially for testing with our APIs.
In this environment you can perform all production operations using dummy information.

How to get the Access Token in the Sandbox
Token is created automatically when you create a new APP in the Developer Dashboard.

Calling the Sandbox APIs
After you get the Sandbox Token, APP works in the same way as the production environment. The main difference is that the ENDPOINT used is the Sandbox link.

Sample of Sandbox URL:

Note:  The URL of the production will be reported only after a commercial agreement
It is important to note that Sandbox Tokens can only call the Sandbox URL. The same is true for Production Tokens. This rule exists to prevent a call to the Production Environment with a valid Sandbox Token.

SandBox environment and API data:

In the sandbox environment, the data have some constraints.

Only the following CPFs (The CPF in Brazil is like Social Security number (SSN) in USA) can be identified as active in Sandbox:


Only the following CNPJ (Brazilian Corporate Taxpayer Registry number) can be used in Sandbox:


Loyalty Product:
Only the following Loyalty Product ID can be used in Sandbox: